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Advantages of radio advertising in Austin, TX

It is easy to think that radio advertising has no place in today’s digital society. Well, you are in for a rude shock as people value radio just as much as they love their digital spaces. Many people use their computers, laptops, and smartphones to listen to the radio. The good thing is that this communication medium has evolved with the changing times, and now radio stations are not limited by geography. Radio listeners can carry their favorite station and program across continents and even have the option to download those programs for later. This is to show that radio advertising is not dead, and neither is it on its deathbed.

It is important to include traditional media in your marketing budget because it plays a major role in generating traffic to your shop and even your website. One of the most overlooked advertising mediums is radio advertising. But did you know that over 92 percent of Americans listen to a radio station? This article will discuss the advantages of including radio ads in your marketing budget.

Radio stations have a wide reach

There are over 15,000 radio stations in the US, each targeting a specific audience. Radio commands a wider market share than television advertisements and smartphones, with over 244 million Americans listening to the radio every month. Since radio is not a subscription-based medium, many people listen to it. It is free of charge. Both the rich and poor can afford to listen to the radio, which boosts the audience numbers and increases the success rates of your radio ads. When listeners leave to another location or country, they can easily download the radio app on their smartphones and continue listening to your radio ad during commercial breaks. When they return, they will remember your business from the radio ad they heard, and probably buy your products. They will eventually visit your website or social media accounts to learn more about your products and services, even if they do not believe. This is what makes radio advertising an effective way to market your products or create brand awareness for small, medium, and even large businesses.

Easy targeting

Out of the 244 million radio listeners in the US, 71.2 million are aged between 18 and 34, 59.6 million between 35-49 years, and 114.9 million over 50 years old. These radio audiences are very selective of what they listen to, and it is easy for radio station hosts to target the right audience with radio ads. Unlike TV, where viewers find themselves scanning channel after channel to see what might catch their eye, radio relies on voice talent. Each station has its own nuanced, target audience, making it easy to create relevant radio advertising content to share with listeners.

Messages created for radio stations target audiences according to geographic locations, interests, gender, age, genres, and events, making it easy for you to deliver your messages quickly to your customers. Your radio advertising effort will greatly impact the listeners because of this easy segmentation of the targeted audience. Marketers who do not have the time or money to test different marketing messages and approaches will greatly benefit from radio ads. A marketing agency that is experienced in radio advertising can help you out. Just find out the relevant broadcast station or program your target audience prefers and create a message that matches the program’s style, tone, and language.

Radio ads are cost-effective

Radio advertisements easily get a share of the target audience’s mind because they involve sound. Since they don’t need visuals, radio ad production is a lower cost than visual mediums such as television or digital advertising campaigns. In addition, you will take less time to produce radio ads than other forms of ads. And once radio listeners hear the message you are broadcasting, it is hard for them to forget. This lasting brand awareness will be seen in your website traffic, increased foot traffic/sales and reduced radio advertising costs in the long run. All of that being said, radio ads need to be very creative as they lack the permanence that print offers.

Higher and measurable ROI

There are over 11,000 radio personalities who interact daily with their loyal listeners. Since listeners already trust them, you tap into their influence by broadcasting your radio ad messages when they are on air. Radio personalities are already influencers. You do not need to pay an extra influencer fee to promote your message to your target audiences. You reduce the cost of designing appealing visuals. Most loyal radio listeners will consider using products and services endorsed by their favorite radio personalities. It is not just a generic advertisement copy; it speaks to them in the voice of their idols. This is why radio advertisements have a higher consideration rate and ROI than other mediums. According to studies, marketers get $6 for every $1 spent on a radio ad. You will also be able to measure other KPIs, such as more traffic to your website or physical store after running your radio advertising campaign.

Your Favorite Radio Station is Always Available

Radio stations are always available. You can turn your favorite station on any time of the day, any day, anywhere. Whether you are in the house, on the road, or in the office, or out there enjoying a sport, you can always listen to your favorite radio station. Cars and smartphones are easily configured to play your favorite stations. And if you are traveling away, you can download your favorite radio app and listen to your show at any time. This makes it easy for marketers to reach anybody, anywhere, any day. In short, radio ads are not limited by geography.

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