Advertising in the Modern Age in Austin, TX

Advertising has, like in many industries, been reimagined in the technological era. Now, companies can target customers based on behaviors and traits with accuracy their predecessors never could have dreamed of. The function of Advertising has largely remained the same, to sell products and services with the aim of increasing sales and ultimately, profitability. It is still widely true that consumers don’t buy products that they have never seen or heard about. It is in the advertising industry that the adage, “out of sight, out of mind” holds most true. But the ways in which your message can be engaged by consumers as a marketer have multiplied and in Austin, this is especially good news.

Today you can geographically target a location in your DMA specifically and serve your ad to the folks attending that football game or shopping on your competitor’s car lot. You can serve living room quality impressions to people you know match your criteria for the qualified prospects, leaving out all the waste that’s been a trademark of the days prior to the digital revolution. You can be on broadcast in the biggest live events of the season and know within hundredths of a point exactly how many impressions you generated. You can track visitors to your website within minutes of a radio or TV spot airing and gauge just how effective your call to action is. If the old guard from Madison Avenue in the heyday of the industry could only see us now, they would be in awe.

The Importance of Marketing and Advertising in the Digital Age

In this day and age, you need to pay special attention to marketing and advertising if you want your business to reach new heights. You need to promote your products and services to gain clients, keep your business relevant, and enter into new markets.

Marketing and advertising are crucial in the digital age as most people spend more time on the internet than they do on traditional media platforms. While people still watch television, they spend more time consuming internet content, making it vitally important to advertise on conventional media but also keeping up with current media forms.

Here at Brand Water, we have a team of experienced digital strategists who are prepared to help you execute advertising strategies across different traditional and digital channels. We will work with you to bring your ideas to fruition and ensure that your campaign contains all the essential elements needed to reach your target audience. Contact us today. Our team will help you strategize and develop a plan that will help you achieve your goals and set you apart from your competitors.

Look for Clients where the Clients Are

A few years back, the U.S. Armed Forces were looking for talented cryptologists to join the team. After traditional methods failed to surface the right talent, the Navy resorted to a novel solution, i.e., creating a Facebook page that presented a reality game that attracted the exact audience the Navy was looking to recruit. The campaign used social media as a means to identify the right talent.

The campaign consisted of complex stenographs, ciphers, and puzzles, which encouraged teamwork among the participants and surfaced talented recruits. The Navy achieved this without spending any money on paid media and by creating several related social media accounts, which they used to send out coded messages. To attract a niche audience, the Navy thought outside the box and implored current media forms.

At Brand Water, we help you fish where the fish are. We understand that your business has a specific audience. As such, our agency creates fun and unique ads that will capture the attention of your intended audience in Austin, TX and beyond. Turn to us for your advertising needs. We will help you develop a plan that will help you reach your target audience and ensure that you keep up with marketing trends as this help you stay ahead of the curve.

Custom Ads for Custom Audiences

In the modern society, making a pretty ad is not as effective as it once was. Moreover, putting a lackluster ad in the right places will not yield the desired outcomes either. You need a combination of the right medium and fun and creative strategies that will appeal to consumers. Without a doubt, this can be challenging.

Our agency uses creativity and groundbreaking technology to showcase the power of digital advertising. We create custom ads for clients throughout Austin, TX, and take time to put data together in a digestible format so that you can understand what is going into your campaign. We serve as a true extension of your marketing team. Contact us for more information on how you can access our services.

Brand Water Advertising Services

Brand Water is a premium advertising agency that offers services that can help you bring in new clients, including:

Television Advertising: Your media mix is incomplete without TV advertising. Our team can guide you through the complex process and since our digital strategists know how to price, place, and negotiate, they can ensure that you achieve your goals.

Radio Advertising: For your marketing strategy to be a success on radio, you need to know who is listening and where they are listening from. Finding out this information on your own can be difficult, which is where we come in. Our agency can help you find the right stations and personalities and negotiate a solid campaign that will ensure as many people as possible hear your advertisement.

Video Production: Creating a high-quality video takes time, preparation, precision, and skill. Let our expert team handle all this work while you focus on other areas of your business. Our videos are beautifully shot and we use the latest targeting technology to convey your message to the viewer.

Digital Marketing: Our agency can create custom audiences for your digital marketing campaign. This will help you reach your specific audience.

Media Planning: Our team will work with you to establish accurate conversions, projections, and budgets needed to make your campaign successful and profitable.

Media Buying: Brand Water will survey the media landscape on your behalf and identify which platforms will maximize efficiency.  Spending hours upon hours on a marketing and advertising plan is not necessary when you can hire a professional to do the work. When you work with our agency, you can rest easy knowing that you are working with a team of professionals who will create a digital marketing campaign that fits your unique product. We will be with you at every turn, ensuring that you get the help and support you need. Feel free to contact us. We serve clients throughout Austin, TX, and can serve you too.

Contact the Leading Marketing and Advertising Agency in Austin, TX

As technology continues to advance, modern businesses use different marketing and advertising strategies to attract new clients and make sales. At Brand Water, we use different marketing and advertising strategies to make your efforts more impactful, efficient, and organized. Our founder and Chief, Mathew Collingsworth, and our director, CJ Geoffrey have years of combined experience in digital advertising and are here to help you make your efforts more impactful.

We understand that developing a pipeline while working on a brand can be demanding. As such, we use technology to troubleshoot problems and drive more opportunities to your pipeline. We take an in-house approach when dealing with our clients because we want to do everything possible to ensure that your site traffic increases remarkably within the first month and that your store is the first one people think of when they need something in your category.You can reach us via phone at 813-777-9412 or visit our physical location at Brand Water HQ Ozona, FL or Brand Water Austin Division–Austin, TX. You can also subscribe to our newsletter. We will not flood your inbox because we know how annoying that can be. One thing is for sure though; It is time to add the essential marketing element to your team.

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