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Digital Marketing in Tampa, Florida

There are various ways to approach your digital marketing strategy in Tampa, Florida. Yet, the fact of the matter is that there is only so much time and so many resources at your disposal. You must choose the right digital marketing channels that will help you to obtain a high return on your investment.

Our firm, Brand Water Media, is pleased to help you think about digital marketing. We will look at your strategy, needs, and objectives and move forward with the right strategy and tactics.

Whether you are thinking about traditional marketing or digital marketing campaigns, our team is here to help you to figure out and deploy the right campaigns effectively.

Now, while many people may talk about search engine optimization, search engines, content marketing, or even social media marketing, we see that display advertising is usually not a part of the conversation.

Let’s find out more about OTV/CTV display advertising and what it means for your business.

Display Advertising Can Be Effective and Could be a Part of Your Digital Marketing Efforts

Display advertising is great for those who have a niche product or service. It can be a difficult decision to spend money on display advertising, but you will not know if it will work for your business unless you test it out. This is a great way to bring awareness to your business and get your brand out.

There is a misconception that this type of advertising is only appropriate for remarketing, but that is not true. Used correctly, display advertising will not only be cost-effective, but it will yield excellent results.

Not only are you able to reach a larger audience more cost-effectively, but because of the visual aspect of this type of advertising, you will get a higher engagement rate. To ensure success, you should make sure that your audience can be easily found on the display network. A great way to target your audience is to use display keywords or build a custom audience that shows ads on pages and sites directly related to your business.

The Forms of Advertising

Various forms of advertising are present here. For instance, you will notice that there is OTV and CTV.

OTV stands for the opportunity to view. CTV stands for connected television.

Opportunities to view advertisements are primarily focused on the number of times a consumer views an advertisement. The success of these types of advertisements is highly dependent on the audience.

OTV advertisements can be somewhat measured through a value. This value lets you know what the average contact per person is. In addition, this value can be used to see how to increase the visibility of an up-and-coming brand. This is because, with repeated advertisements viewings, a consumer will remember brands.

Connected television advertisements are online advertisements that can be skipped. This allows you to reach an untapped market of customers. This type of advertising fits you if you want superior targeting capabilities, measurable results, and access to an ever-growing audience.

Specific audiences view this type of advertisement. Depending on the platform used, you will receive digital and traditional metrics. These metrics will include video completion rates. You can also see a customer’s journey from seeing the advertisement to making a purchase.

A more significant percentage of people are no longer interested in cable and only want to subscribe to specific channels or television networks. Connected television advertisements allow your business to benefit from this ever-growing community.

Different Digital Marketing Tactics Work Here

Google Display & Video 360 is excellent for display advertisements because the platform makes it easy to target the audience you want to. This platform is much easier to navigate than GDN. They are also less expensive than Facebook advertisements.

Another way to ensure you are setting yourself up for success is to build and test landing pages. Know that you might have to spend a larger amount of money initially until you establish a target list. Ensure that you are consistently evaluating and weeding out fraudulent and valueless placements every day. After a while, you will have a targeted list of proven placements.

It Is a Part A Holistic Marketing Campaign

Remember that you should include various digital channels as part of your overall marketing strategy.

If you are apprehensive about spending money, keep in mind that display advertising should be seen as part of the marketing mix. Display advertisements can be used for both retargeting and prospecting. This is why it is essential to use a network that works for you. This will save you time and frustration down the road. A network that can help make your life easier will use Artificial intelligence to determine audiences, require minimal setup, and perform great.

Work with Brand Water Media For your Digital Marketing Needs

Advertisements can prove to be very rewarding. Reach out today to an advertising group to get started on your path to success. Cord-cutters are only going to keep growing. The best way for you to profit from this is to act quickly and get advertisements out.

If you want to try to navigate the advertisement world on your own, be prepared to read up on the terminology and the fast-paced world of OTV/CTV. Rather, you want to do what you can to simplify your life. This includes making sure to use your time wisely. If you are interested in advertisements, it means you want to attract more buyers. This means that you are expecting to increase sales once your promotions go live.

Working with an advertisement platform will allow you to use your time in an efficient way. The platform can handle a lot of the day-to-day tasks, freeing you to take care of more important tasks.

Sometimes, you will be required to step in and make decisions, but overall, an advertisement platform can help make a complicated process much more streamlined.

For example, if you want independent data to see if you are getting a good return on your investment after a month or two, you can run and measure this yourself and make that determination for yourself.

It is important to remember that the benefits of advertisements will take some time to see. You will not more than likely see an overnight increase in sales. Just as with all good things, it will take time.

Brand Water Media Is Pleased To Conduct Various Forms of Digital Marketing

If you are looking for assistance with your social media marketing, content marketing, online marketing, and general digital marketing plan, reach out to our team at Brand Water Media today.

We are here to ensure to think out of the box and generate ideal returns on your digital marketing campaigns.

From email marketing to marketing automation and from OTV to CTV display advertising, our team is here to help you out.

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