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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing in Austin, TX

Digital Marketing is king. According to Statista, $356 Billion dollars were spent on digital advertising in 2020. When you’re ready to make a splash with a digital marketing campaign, utilize our years of digital marketing experience to reach your customized target audience. Our extensive knowledge of strategic digital marketing means no matter what needs you have, our team is ready to tackle it head-on. Where it be an OTT/CTV campaign, a Digital Display campaign, Search engine marketing, brand awareness, PPC ad campaigns…we will define and optimize your campaign to exceed your KPIs.

Digital marketing services analyze and solve all of your website and digital needs. We’ll develop a plan that will power your lead generation and take your business to the next level with our expert strategies. You’ll get actionable feedback tailored to you from our experts in their field. We employ advanced technologies to deliver effective solutions for businesses across the U.S. For years, we have been helping businesses thrive online.

Professional Digital Marketing Services

Tap the digital marketing expertise and insight of a top digital marketing firm to grow your business and achieve your marketing goals. Brand Water offers integrated digital marketing solutions aimed at helping clients explore, discover opportunities, and convert visitors into customers. We help clients harness useful data and adopt the right marketing strategy in their marketing campaigns to grow their online presence. Our holistic approach to customer acquisition and engagement ensures that our clients target the right audience and increase retention across various digital channels. Call us if you need any of the following online marketing services.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO for a website isn’t just an investment in getting more people to visit your site; it encourages human users and page crawlers to make your site their first stop for information on the subject of interest. Brand Water employs white hat SEO to help business websites rank highly in local search and dominate their niche. With our digital marketing company, you get expert advice and results-driven SEO strategies to enable your business to increase web visibility and attain its marketing goals.

Pay-Per-Click Ads

The only thing better than a click is a customer! Advertising on Pay Per Click provides the maximum return for your marketing budget. Unique ads appear in search engines such as Google and Bing when someone plugs into words relating to your industry. We can help you target your ideal customers better and generate a steady stream of quality traffic from paid search.mOur experts can help you with account setup, keyword research, ad content creation, and split copy testing to ensure you generate qualified leads and maximize conversions.

Pre-Roll Video

Preroll video can put your company in front of new and potential customers by incorporating videos that offer a preview to an article or product. Pre-roll videos are one of the most popular formats for digital marketing content, but they have to be interactive enough to keep people watching. We can create catchy pre-roll videos ads that create brand awareness.


Cord-cutting has become a trend that won't slow down. As more and more people consume media via streaming, you will need to serve up a message that's guaranteed to be seen with CTV and OTT advertising. Stay top of mind by serenading your audience thanks to visual branding, strong reach, and an intimate connection unlike anything else.

Social Media Management

Achieve more in less time with an experienced team of social media professionals who know how to drive engagement and sales for your company. You deserve the best kind of peace of mind knowing that we're creating and managing your marketing needs behind the scenes. We craft effective social media strategies, which help businesses communicate and engage with their audience better. Our social media marketing can create a social media strategy and deliver interesting content that drives traffic from social media channels to your website.


Geofencing marketing is one form of location-based marketing. Geofence lives within an area for a specific time and becomes active during that period to deliver the relevant advertisement into a prospect's field of attention.

A Common Question

How can Brand Water Help with Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing holds the key to unlocking opportunities, interacting with your consumers, and driving up engagement levels. Collaborating with industry-leading professionals, Brand Water will help make your marketing tone and language consistent throughout your fully customized internet marketing campaign. Brand Water believes in creating a story that both you and your potential client will want to be a part of.

The Brand Water Approach

The Digital Marketing Process

Each campaign starts with a thorough review of aspects of your website and ends with implementing a robust digital marketing strategy that aligns perfectly with your marketing goals. As passionate digital marketers, we do comprehensive market research and help you leverage marketing opportunities. We implement short and long-term marketing strategies for a balanced recipe of increasing organic and paid traffic simultaneously. As your website climbs the search engine results, we’ll grow with you and provide you the support you need to maintain the visibility and ranking of your website.

What problem are you solving for your clients? How can we help? Our entire framework is based on a creative message that will captivate your audience. Brand Water will guide you through creating that unique message and building that strong foundation. We leverage various marketing channels, including email marketing. Best of all, our bespoke digital marketing campaigns cover more than just keyword research and traffic acquisition.

Why Hire Brand Water

Something Brand Water does a lot. Top digital marketing agencies are immensely passionate about building and elevating brands. Think of us as “Brand Builders”- we create, shape, and fuel brands. As your digital marketing partner, Brand Water can help you explore opportunities for growth and tap consumer insights to achieve your marketing goals and full revenue potential. From crafting an effective digital strategy to executing marketing campaigns across multiple channels, our experts bring a laser focus that helps businesses drive sales and improve profitability.

Brand Water Web focuses on delivering tangible results – higher traffic and better conversions – as well as lasting value to clients. Something most digital marketing agencies don’t. Whether you need an online marketing blueprint for your business website, higher rankings in SERPS, or better page conversions, we can craft and implement a strategy that gives you the results you want. We build on what your web design firm has already done in areas like user interface design. We harness our skills and sync our energies to help our clients achieve their marketing and business goals as a team.

Let us build you a custom audience and take your digital marketing efforts to the next level

If you are looking for top advertising agencies near me or a reputable full-service marketing agency, you’re at the right place. Brand Water is a leading internet marketing agency located in Austin, ad with a long history of helping small business owners navigate the digital landscape and dominate local search. We offer a full range of marketing services and a rich portfolio in digital marketing in Austin.

After web development, we can take over the next phase of your website and help you plan and execute a successful marketing strategy. Whether you need to run a digital campaign as part of reputation management or grow your social media presence, we’ve got your back. Call 512-689-0946 to discuss your online marketing needs with a local performance marketing agency.

Frequently asked questions

Search engine optimization is essential to Brand Water’s digital presence strategy. SEO can be like long term investing: if you’re at the top of organic search engines for your local area, it will pay dividends and rank higher in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) over time!

With SEO, you can generate a substantial amount of direct, organic, referral, and social traffic to your local small business to enhance lead conversion and profits. As a business owner, it’s imperative that you also build trust and brand reputation, and yes, SEO can help with that too. Optimizing your website for your target audience will create buzz around your brand and help build more brand loyalty.

Absolutely, and we highly recommend doing so because running ads can bring traffic quickly while SEO will start the investment for organic traffic in the long term.

Brand Water will assess where your online presence currently stands, then that’s where the magic starts! We like to form close partnerships and learn what drives your company vision. We conduct extensive market research to ensure the best path is paved to reach your ideal customers.

A business website should be the core of your strategy. Google’s algorithm is constantly changing and most recently introduced a major update named Core Web Vitals. We won’t bore you with all the nerdy stuff, but be confident that our websites are built for speed, optimized to convert leads, coupled with modern design concepts. 

While there is no formal documentation on this, many of the top SEO strategists agree that social signals contribute by driving more traffic to your website. Connecting all social media resources (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn) with a professional output tone will produce an engaging digital presence which can drive even more targeted visitors and customers straight to you!

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