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Getting the Most of Your Digital Marketing Campaign

In December of 2021 Forbes predicted that for 2021, digital media is expected to grow year-over-year by 30.5%. When digital extensions are excluded, the medium is forecast to generate $491 billion, with an additional 13.5% projected for next year. When the digital extensions are included global ad dollars in 2021 is expected to total $537 billion. As a result, digital media will account for 64.4% of global ad spend in 2021, up from 60.5% in 2020 and 52.1% in 2019 .

Having the best team to advise you in the digital marketing space will significantly increase your company’s market share and relevance. In an ever-changing digital economy where influencer marketing plays a significant role through social media advertising and artificial intelligence, the digital space constantly coerces us to adopt new strategies. Get a team with a plan to take you to the next level by having a digital marketing strategy that will examine and find solutions to arising issues. At Brand Water Media, we solve your problems using the latest technologies. Contact us today and let us begin your digital marketing campaign asap.

We ensure that our digital marketing strategy helps you get to the target audience better than being on your own or hiring any other tech company. We do this by reaching your target demographics and then strategizing which digital tactic(s) are best to reach your audience. A marketing professional from our team will help you plan your digital strategy by using essential online data and adopting top strategies to expand your online presence. This blog post will look at ways to get the most out of your marketing campaign.

Search engine optimization:

This type of strategy ensures that your site appears top of google search rankings when results are displayed from a keyword search process on mobile devices and other gadgets. SEO is a content marketing strategy that will maximize traffic to your website by having new and existing customers visit the page to encourage follower growth. We offer you resourceful advice with the best digital marketing strategies to increase web visibility for successful digital marketing campaigns. Our SEO team also ensures these visits to your website develop into leads and ultimately return customers.

Pay-per-click advertisement:

Paid advertising marketing strategy helps increase your company’s marketing returns by displaying valuable content on social media sites to a new or existing customer base. PPC ad campaigns are content marketing strategies that run follower growth ads to increase traffic targeting potential customers. Brand Water Media will help you generate income from the niche market through Google ads displayed on social media accounts. These ads appear in search engines such as Google and Bing when someone searches for information related to your area of practice.

Let our experienced experts provide you with a winning digital marketing campaign helping you with account setup, keyword research, and ad content creation. PPC ads ensure you generate qualified leads and maximize the conversion process to achieve your digital marketing goals.

Pre-roll video:

They say that content is king and the most effective way to deliver that content is via video. This digital marketing strategy must be interactive enough to better digital marketing performance and keep the target market watching. A pre-roll video is one of the most popular digital marketing plans where promotional videos play before an online feature content. Pre-roll videos are short, roughly 5-30 seconds long videos that play before desired content. Skippable or non-skippable, Pre-roll videos are deemed effective as studies show that even a few seconds when the viewers see them increases brand awareness.

Pre-roll videos are a digital marketing success found on most websites featuring both products and services for the ideal customer. Pre-roll videos can introduce your company to new potential consumers by offering videos with previews of products or services.

We create catchy pre-roll videos at Brand Water Media that build brand awareness to ensure success.

Connected TV (CTV) and Over The Top(OTT):

Today, television viewership has changed from classic tv to Connected TV and Over-The-Top outlets, which have revolutionized advertising for consumers. Advertisement has shifted from traditional marketing efforts to a targeted data-driven approach where products and services are delivered to a specific market of interest. OTT is video content streamed from the internet through cable or satellite television. These streaming platforms include Hulu, Discover Networks, Sling TV, and more. CTV, in contrast, is similar to OTT, but it differs as the messaging is delivered via a smart television.

CTV and OTT are no longer just a trend that promises to grow in the future, it is the future. With more and more people consuming media through streams. Stay at the top and reach out to more audiences thanks to visual branding and intimate connections with the target viewers.

Social network management:

We design effective social media ads and strategies that create engaging advertisements for your business at Brand Water Media. Our team can create and deliver exciting strategies to drive traffic from online channels to Twitter or your Facebook business account. By having an experienced social media marketing team planning and strategizing, you are guaranteed peace of mind knowing that work is always ongoing behind the scenes to actualize your goals of maximizing sales and engagements of your brand or services.


This technology creates virtual geographical boundaries where software activates responses to devices entering or leaving a specific area. In this case, geofencing is a location-based marketing strategy used to trigger configured advertisements when people are around the places of interest. Relevant advertisements are delivered to the prospective field of attention for a specific time.

Email marketing campaigns:

Automating email marketing strategies by setting up a trigger and press start system helps save time. Email marketing is used to remind customers of their pending purchases, bringing them closer to closing the sale. Not setting up a re-marketing tool will lead to discontinuing email marketing. With email re-marketing, once the sequence on automation is finished, it repeats itself.

Lead generation marketing:

This uses tactics such as paying influencers for a social media campaign, chatbot conversations on your website, offering discounts, and provision of free trials, which will ensure that you attract interested parties, turning them into leads.

Inbound marketing:

This strategy makes people aware of your brand through valuable content, copy, and cool graphics to turn leads into customers.

How do I succeed in a marketing campaign?

Digital strategies require investing heavily in the latest technologies to stay relevant. While doing this, you also need to be thoughtful about creating buyer personas on the road to a successful digital marketing campaign. Consider these things for you to succeed:

·  Have a goal and objective. With the right digital marketing company helping you, you will achieve your objectives step by step. Your team takes all the marketing burden off your shoulders.

·  Know how to reach your audience on different or same channels.

·  Create effective content to reach your audience on relevant social media platforms. The content you use must be adequate to ensure that customers become loyal to your brand.

For example, when starting a local craft coffee company, develop personas to understand your user needs and goals that will help boost your local coffee business. When mapping out personas for your future coffee business, consider customers’ demographics and if they shop at the local farmers’ market.

Get your digital campaign going with Brand Water Media

Your company’s marketing strategy is the key to unlocking opportunities, consumer interaction, and increased engagement levels. At Brand Water Media, we collaborate with top professionals in the industry who will assist and design your marketing language to make it consistent throughout your customized marketing campaign. We help small businesses maneuver the digital space offering a wide range of marketing services and competing with big companies. This is no longer a world of “bigger is better” because the right team handling your digital campaign could be the game changer you did not know you needed. Contact us on 512-689-0946 or 813-777-9412 for a broad conversation on your marketing needs.

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