How to Choose the Right Media for Your Next Advertising Campaign in Austin, TX

You have come up with your unique product or service, have done your market survey and believe that it will work. Now the challenge you have is making the first sale. Advertising solves this by placing your product directly in front of your target customers, but advertising is more than this. It helps new customers discover your product while building brand affinity. The more your target customers see your messaging, the more they feel like they already know you. So, how do you know the right media for your advertising campaigns? This article will serve as a guide for small and large-scale businesses in Austin, TX.

Types of advertising media

There are many media platforms you can use to create brand awareness or boost your marketing efforts. Here are some of them:

Online advertising

Online platforms such as social media, emails, websites, and blogs are replacing traditional marketing. As a business owner, you must consider implementing the following into your digital marketing strategy: social media marketing, paid media, email marketing, search engine optimization, influencer marketing, Google ads, video marketing and PPC ads. All these are digital marketing services that Brand Water Media offers.

Online advertising has its advantages and disadvantages. A solid digital marketing strategy can help you reach a specific segment of interested people in your products on search engines, social media platforms, and online stores. Choosing the right media for your advertising campaigns can save you a lot of money and time. This post will discuss how to choose the right advertising media.


Different radio stations target different types of audiences. There are program formats for different target ages, interests, and even geographical locations. Like with all advertising, frequency is key. You will need to have your ad frequently played until it becomes familiar to listeners or existing customers.


Advertising on broadcast television allows you to reach a wide audience within a very short period. Depending on your overall budget, you can buy a slot in either a specific program or on a rotation basis. This allows for cheaper rates, but it is not as targeted of an approach.


Print. Is. Not. Dead. It’s true that circulation and readership has dropped drastically with major newspapers, however, local newspapers such as Community Impact News have seen steady growth. Utilizing local newspapers allows you to target specific geographical locations while showing the local community that you’re there for them.


Specialist magazines allow you to advertise to a specific group of people who are already interested in, or in need of, your product or service. For example, a tree trimming service would benefit being in a home magazine. Magazines can target a particular gender, interest, industry, geographical area, household income level, etc. allowing a more focused approach to your print marketing efforts.

Business directories

Directories target people looking for a particular service or product in a specific region and are ready to spend. A guide will list all businesses that offer specific products or services, locations, and phone numbers for one particular area. Directories can be online or paperback.

Outdoor/Out Of Home

These messages can be placed on billboards, buses or digital gas pump advertising . They can reach a wide, and sometimes captive, audience, but your business name and contact details need to be memorable due to the limited amount of information they contain.

Direct mail

You can send a personalized flyer or newsletter. You can mail traditionally or electronically.

Benefits of social media marketing

Social media is one of the most cost-effective digital marketing platforms available currently. Over 70 percent of adult US citizens have active social media accounts, which they use for various purposes. Youtube and Facebook are the most popular social media platforms, making it necessary for digital marketers to focus on video ads and Facebook ads in their social media marketing plan. Some of the benefits of social media marketing include:

  1. It is a cost-effective channel for creating brand awareness since the ad spent is flexible.
  2. It reaches potential customers, especially young professionals.
  3. You can show your advert frequently hence gaining brand recognition.
  4. Boosts sales with a link back to your online shop, blog post, or direct messaging.
  5. You can modify your ad at any time.
  6. Wider reach as the social media networks are available nationwide and globally.
  7. You can target online audiences with social media accounts that match your goals.

Brand Water’s digital marketing agency works with business partners in Texas and across the nation to turn around their businesses. We have a creative team of social media managers who can run your social media ads from your corporate social accounts. We pair our social media marketing services with search engine optimization, content marketing, paid advertising, among other strategies for better results.

Choosing the right media for your advertising campaigns

Advertising campaigns cost money, and choosing the wrong media can be frustrating. The biggest reason you may want to run an advertising campaign could be to create brand awareness, generate leads, improve sales margins and reach new customers. No one knows your business like you do, however, marketing your business may not be something you’re entirely comfortable with. If you have the right message going to the wrong audience OR if you have the wrong message going to the right audience, your investment will not result in returns. Working with an advertising agency can help you scale your marketing efforts, especially during the initial stages. Hiring an advertising agency allows you to work in tandem to come up with the best marketing strategy for your business.


Which media is likely to attract your target audience? Where are they likely to go to look for the products or services you offer? Age, gender, and income can dictate this. For instance, young people are likely to get recommendations from social networks and search engines. Therefore, social media advertising campaigns and paid search are great options if this is the group you are targeting. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. If you are unsure which channel to use, check to see where your strongest competitors or industry leaders spend most of their money. The best digital advertising agency can help you identify the best advertising channels for your business. Contact Brand Water advertising agency to find out how to leverage your marketing efforts.


You want your a message to reach a wide, yet specific, audience. However, this will depend on the nature of your business. By using digital marketing to reach your audience, you can always set the parameters to get the right audience with minimal effort. For instance, you can select your social media marketing, video marketing, and PPC campaigns to be visible only to people in Austin, the state of Texas, or the entire US. You can draw a lot of insights from digital advertising firms nearby.


It is normal to want to tweak your advert frequently to meet your business goals. It can be very costly to adjust your advert copy when using traditional marketing channels. However, this is seamless in digital advertising. You can modify anything on your social media marketing campaign, Google adverts, and email marketing strategy as often as you want. If you wish to create brand awareness or make sales, you can send two campaigns an AB test and see what works best with your online audience. Consult Brand Water’s digital agency for advice if you need a flexible advertising channel without denting your pockets.


It is advisable to set a maximum spend on your advertising campaigns. This is especially important in social media advertisement, Google ads, video advertising, and other paid ads. If a custom audience segment is built correctly for you, your online audience will be clicking on any relevant messaging, so you need to make sure that the clicks are converting. The ideal channel gives you maximum exposure with the money you have.

Want to increase brand awareness in Austin? Call Brand Water for assistance.

If you want to utilize both traditional advertising channels and digital advertising in your marketing strategy, contact Brand Water Media. We can help you run your advertising campaigns across a broad range of channels. We have deep rooted experience and relationships with our broadcast television partners, our radio partners. We also provide video content development, digital marketing, media buying, and media planning. Whether you need help creating a social media strategy for your social media campaign or executing SEO campaigns, our digital marketing company can help you build your online presence and a loyal audience. Our team combines market research, local SEO, banner ads, blog post, PPC advertising, Facebook ads, social media management, among others, to drive quality website traffic and sales.

Whether you are a small business or medium enterprise is looking to build brand awareness, customer acquisition, engage audiences, reach new prospective customers, maintain client relationships, get in touch with our ad agency for insights. We walk with you from creating the brand strategy to running your ad campaigns. We are the first marketing agency to serve a nationwide audience. Our creative team has over 40 years of combined experience and is committed to your company’s success. Get started now—Call 512-689-0946 for a consultation.



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