How To Get More Sales From Google Paid Advertising In Austin, TX.

A majority of consumers utilize the internet to research items and brands before they purchase, changing advertising in the modern age. When someone makes seemingly casual internet searches on their smartphone during their commute to work, they can run into an ad for something they need.

Where did the ads come from, and how can you create an advertising plan for your company that reaches the right people? We cover everything about getting more sales from Google paid advertising in Austin, TX.

What is Google Paid Advertising?

Google paid advertising, also known as Google ads or PPC (pay-per-click), are ads that pop up on Google’s search engine at the top of the SERP (search engine results page) in a green box with the word “ad”. Google ads look very similar to organic search results, increasing the likelihood of people clicking on them. Once someone clicks on your ad, they get redirected to your website, increasing your website traffic.

Since these ads appear at the top of the page, consumers visit these sites more often than sites that appear further down on the page or, (gasp) the second or third page of search results. In fact, according to Forbes, only 6% of website clicks occur on second-page web results. Ultimately, this leads to a greater online presence (and more sales).


You can always take steps to improve your website’s search engine optimization (SEO), but that takes a significant amount of time. For results now, you can buy ad space.

Many people think that Google ads only appear in search engine results. Still, Google can also place Google ads for you on non-search websites, mobile apps, media, and videos from a certified Google partner.

Pay Per Click Payments

Google ads run on a pay-per-click pricing system.

A pay-per-click system means that you get charged as people click on your ad.

You establish a monthly marketing budget and pay upfront until the funds deplete. At that point, you can increase your budget for the month. Alternatively, you won’t see any more Google ads until the next month.

How Does Google Pick Ads?

How does Google pick which ads to display to the customer?

It starts with a person’s search history and, for now, cookies. Google will display ads with similar keywords. They will also use any information about the consumer’s demographics to display relevant ads.

What happens when multiple competitors want the same ad space?

Google uses your bid, which is the amount you are willing to pay to display your ads (per click). When two competitors both have similar services in a similar area, Google will display the ad with the higher bid when possible.

Signing Up for a Google Ads Account

Before you get started, you will need to create a Google Ads account.

Your Google Ads account will include basic information about your business, landing pages for ads, and relevant keywords. Broad keywords may accumulate more views, but they may not produce results aimed at your ideal customers.

You can choose to manage keyword match types as follows:

  • Broad match
  • Broad match modifier
  • Phrase match
  • Exact match
  • Negative match

You will then create ad groups to create multiple ad campaigns for different products and services. An ad group refers to a category that applies to a particular part of your business. The compartmentalized ad groups will allow you to target customers looking for one specific product or service instead of taking a broader, less dynamic approach.

Google Ads Best Strategies

It’s not enough to sign up for Google ads. You will also need to create an effective Google ads campaign that reaches your customers and creates urgency or desire.

Here are four tips for creating a Google Adwords campaign.

Learn Your Audience

You have a wide range of clientele. However, many of them probably share certain characteristics.

Learn about your customer base’s demographics by having customers fill out service forms and using research tools.

Things to consider include:

  • Age (acquire through asking birthday and then sending birthday emails/offers)
  • Race
  • Socioeconomic status
  • Gender preference
  • Location
  • Household Income Level
  • Level of Education
  • How did they initially hear about your company

Once you learn about your audience, you can write Google ads to appeal to your target audience. You can also use the information to learn what people might be left out of your digital marketing campaign.

Use Your Creativity

Most internet users avoid Google ads when they encounter them. You need to do your best to develop something creative that will stand out compared to the other Google ads viewers may come across.

You can stand out using attractive colors and fonts. However, make sure that people will read the ad clearly.

You only have a few words to catch the readers attention so you need to make sure that your words are carefully chosen and that they stand out.Spark Dar

Get Responsive

Most people use their smartphone or tablet to do internet research, especially if they are on the go and can’t access a computer. Responsive ads that automatically resize appropriately despite the device look great both on a desktop and smartphone/tablet.

Another major benefit of responsive search ads is that they can target a specific geo-location, helping small businesses promote their store without reaching other people from all over the country, increasing local SEO.

Provide an Incentive

You can include a promotional code in your ad that discounts your customers. The promotional code should be unique to the ad so that you can track how many people use that particular promotion. If successful, you can make similar campaigns in the future. You can check the status of your campaign using Google analytics and adjust for conversion optimization.

Conclusion About Increasing Sales Using Google Ads

Many people see Google ads on their phones more than they see Google ads on their television these days. Take advantage of the opportunity by creating your own Google search ads. According to Google analytics, search ads have a quality score you can use to alter things as necessary. Once you’ve launched Google AdWords campaigns, your adventure in online marketing is only beginning. You will continue to create a new search campaign for each new product or season, creating more high-quality ads as you continue.

Do you have questions or need help managing your pay-per-click ad campaign? Contact Brand Water Management

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