How to make your TV advertising more effective in Austin, TX.

When most people think of television advertising they think of the millions of dollars it costs to run in the big game. However, television advertising is way more affordable than you’d think. If you are a small to medium-sized business in the Austin, TX area, you definitely want to make sure that you use your marketing budget in the right way. You need your budget to provide a strong yield and return on investment. As a local advertiser, you need to implement a well-rounded marketing strategy that will spread brand awareness, attract consumers, and remind your target audience that you are there to meet specific needs.

When running a television campaign on local broadcast affiliates, you must check all the boxes to ensure effective television advertising. Television advertising is more than just running a commercial in your favorite primetime program. It entails utilizing specific programming (such as work is local news programming) that relates to your target audience, creating the right message, incorporating the right video assets, choosing the right video team, and running posts so that you make sure you receive all of the rating points due to you.

If your main KPI is to increase sales instead of simply branding, it is necessary to have a call to action as a part of your campaign so that viewers know how to access your business as they will be more inclined to do so.

Here is what you should know about TV advertising and how to make sure that your TV commercial is positioned in the right way to appeal to your Austin, TX audience. Let’s start by diving into the nature of effective TV ads.

Effective TV Ads Speak Volumes

What is an effective TV ad? An effective TV ad is the one that sticks!

Television commercial production does not have to be expensive. Remember, you’re only making a clear/concise:15 to :30 second message about your business, not Lawrence of Arabia. Therefore, since you only have a short time frame in which to get our get your message across, you must make it so that your audience remembers seeing the ad and the message behind it.

Also, creating an enjoyable TV ad is not enough. How many times have you seen a commercial only to say afterwards, “That was a great spot! Who the hell was that for again?” Can your viewers remember your brand? Do they want to hire your service after seeing your ad?

Your ad must be able to spur your viewers into action. Creating a boring or unpersuasive TV ad will only lead to a waste of time and money.

To create a compelling and engaging TV ad, following a couple of critical tips is necessary.

Stay on Message

Effective television ads are usually topical. Don’t water down your ad’s core message with unnecessary information or generalities. Media is consumed in bites now (headlines, memes, etc.) so too much information will only bore your audience.

With such little time to get your message across, make sure that every single line of dialogue in your ad correlates directly or indirectly with a single message. Such a message should be clear and concise.

Your message must be straight to the point so that people can easily find the solution to their problems through it. You can quickly gain your audience’s attention when you place your product or service as the solution your audience has been looking for.

Also, try to avoid excessive materials in your ad. Although one-liners and short sentences about your business location or products may seem like a good idea, they can quickly become off-message fluff if utilized inappropriately.

Keep it Simple and Short

The simpler and more focused your narrative, the better. Television ads shouldn’t be longer than :15 to :30 seconds in length.

Have fun with your ad, but remember to keep your concept simple. Long lines, lengthy plot dialogue, or detailed visuals can be expensive while at the same time, distracting. They can disturb the emotional reaction you want your viewers to have when connecting with your business.

Keep it Persuasive

For your ad to be successful and innovative, it must convince your consumers that your product or service is better than your competitors. It must create a story that leads your customers to realize why you can meet their needs in the best way possible.

Sure, this is not simple, but your video production company can help you sit down and think about how you have become relevant in the Austin, TX area.

Persuasive advertising assures that a product can solve a consumer’s need or improve their life in some way. They can help you achieve this by working with you on using resonating and assuring words. Also, use words that appeal to consumers’ emotions. Win them over by giving logical reasons to justify the purchase of a product.

Innovative Advertisements

Is your advertisement enjoyable? Can your audience connect with it?

Your ads should capture your customers’ attention immediately so that they remember your company whenever they see or listen to your advertisement. Use resonating words and phrases they can catch on quickly.

Also, present your brand name to them in a not annoying but enjoyable way. They are more likely to recall and pass your brand name along to others if they remember it.

Identify Your Target Audience

An effective way to ensure that your ads get more recognition than other companies is to consider your target audience.

That is, the characters you choose for your television advertising campaign should be like the customers you want to reach with your products or service.

After all, your advertisement aims to get a good return and gain patronage. To get this, you need to make sure your TV ad is directed at the right people, your target audience.

Use a Memorable Tagline or Slogan

Taglines! An effective advertisement stays with your audience! But how does it stick?

By using taglines, you can make it easy for people to remember what you do.

By using short words and phrases that are humorous, the audience can connect with them. Simple and fewer words are usually easy to remember.

Hire a Production Company

You will have to hire an advertising agency to have a professional and effective advertisement. The advertising company handles all aspects of your commercial, including writing, shooting, and editing.

Hiring their services will not only take the workload off your hands but provide you time to attend to other matters as well.

Shop around for prices, but keep in mind that you get what you pay for. Look at their reel and see if they have the choke your vision comes to life.

Work with a TV Advertising Partner at Brand Water Media Today

An effective TV advertising brings your products and services to the forefront and sets you apart from your competitors.

Let Brand Water Media help you plan your television campaigns. If you have been thinking about television advertising, we are here to walk you through the process and make it as seamless as possible. Get started today, call 512-689-0946 for a consultation.

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