Legal Marketing and Advertising for Law Firms in Austin, TX.

No matter what practice fields in the legal industry you specialize in, there will be many competing law firms in the same area vying for the attention of potential clients. It is essential that your law firm finds ways to stand out from the competition and get the greatest visibility possible.

Various methods of advertising, as well as online marketing strategies, are the best ways to ensure that your law firm is in front of the most potential clients. Law firm marketing techniques such as Search Engine Optimization, website development, geo-fencing, device ID targeting, and many other tactics will guarantee that your legal firm becomes a household name.

Why Does a Law Firm Need Powerful Digital Marketing Services and Advertising?

Law firms typically believe in the “pray and spray” theory of advertising. They are everywhere they can be, as much as they can afford to be for as long as they can afford to be. It works for about 50% of them, and some have taken this model to what is, essentially, national dominance.

The smart attorneys who we work with know that you have to be on TV, period. But they also engage with other platforms to secure their flanks.

What does that look like? Special radio shows. Pet projects and charities that get some shared airtime. Digital OTT/CTV campaigns that mirror their current television efforts. Media strategies and availability. Anything that gets your law firm in front of the clients looking for your legal services right now.

Online marketing has especially led the way to help secure the dominance in your practice areas that you are striving for. Law firms who use all the available digital marketing techniques and strategies ensure that their name and message are spread as widely as possible on as many different platforms as they can.

How Are Law and Internet Marketing Related?

The modern-day law firm is not really a law firm anymore. It is a competition for celebrity and recognition. There are thousands of people that get injured every year who do not know a lawyer or understand their rights. They are in it alone, and an ad from you will break through the haze and inform them of their opportunities to address their situation.

As an attorney, you have to be someone they are going to remember. You may be able to accomplish this through your message or through the intensity in which you repeat it. Making the decisions about where to invest your resources in marketing your legal firm is a battle that will never end. That is why it has to be a priority in your practice.

Law Firm Marketing to Revolutionize Your Austin, Texas Business

A well-rounded legal marketing campaign for law firms depends largely on the practice areas and how their clients seek out their services. That is why law firms should have an online presence for their law offices that is optimized through SEO, CTV/OTT marketing and proven strategies from other advertising methods such as TV, video, radio, and billboards.

At Brand Water, our digital marketing team understands the need for various advertising methods that include an online presence and more traditional techniques so that you find your target audience and generate more leads as quickly as possible. It is all part of a customized and unique marketing plan. Law firms are not like other businesses, and the business goals are different as well. That is why each legal marketing strategy our entire team develops is specialized for your needs and includes the pillar services of our company:

TV Advertising

Television advertising continues to be a very useful way to reach out to your audience and demonstrate how you can help them with their legal troubles. At Brand Water, we will take your vision for a TV spot and make it real. We will ensure that your advertising budget is put to the best use for maximum impact.

Radio Advertising

When you invest in radio advertising, you have to make sure your audience is listening. Brand Water’s advertising experts will identify the right stations for your legal field and build a campaign with the most effective frequency for that market.

Video Production

People of all demographics enjoy watching videos, especially if they are cool and informative. Our legal marketing team will work closely with you to strategize the best types of video media to create. We will assemble focus groups to ensure the concepts are something that potential customers will be impressed with and want to invest in.

Internet Marketing

Digital marketing and online advertising have just about taken over when it comes to marketing for any business. If you’re on television, yet not utilizing CTV/OTT, you’re missing the boat. You need to mirror your online efforts with your broadcast efforts. Also, if you are not an SEO company, you may not know how to optimize your website for search engines to find you and be convinced that you are trustworthy. At Brand Water, we can take an old or new business and breathe life into it for the 21st century with the latest and greatest digital marketing techniques.

Media Buying

It is critical that your advertising campaign not only find the client base you are looking for but also yields the results you need. Brand Water ensures that you get what you are paying for and the results you expect by utilizing the latest tools and Nielsen™ measurement data that are at our disposal.

Media Planning

A solid campaign cannot be successful unless there is a clear and thoughtfully developed plan in place. Our team at Brand Water uses applications, software, and research to plan your strategy and ensure that the lawyers at your firm will be staying busy with new clients from your advertising efforts.

Contact Our Legal Marketing Experts and Make Your Vision a Reality

At Brand Water, we are dedicated to helping law firms like yours attract new clients through a wide variety of advertising and marketing strategies that are most effective for you. We work with Austin, TX, businesses that want great website designs, exceptional SEO services, and well-rounded marketing efforts.

Contact us today to learn about the four corners of marketing (story, message, purpose, and plan) and see how our digital marketing and advertising plans can work for your firm.

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