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Brand Water is known in Florida as being a trusted partner of businesses of all sizes. That’s because we take a personal approach to advertising your business that relies on relationships with vendors as well as access to the latest technology and research.

Florida companies like working with Brand Water because they are adaptable and can serve in a variety of capacities from consulting to full-time media management.

Many Florida clients of Brand Water have chosen us over bigger, less personal agencies because they feel like Brand Water is a part of their team internally rather than some outside force that is disconnected from the action.

"Matt and Brand Water Media are great. Very responsive and attentive to the needs of the customer. He works hard to help you get the best return on your investment and he keeps up with marketing trends to ensure you are always ahead of the curve. I highly recommend Brand Water Media!"
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"Brand Water has been a great company to work with. Their creative marketing vision is second to none. I knew right away they love what they do and are highly motivated. Highly recommended!"
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"We hired Matt for some consulting on a product launch. He and his team were able to deliver on everything down to the smallest detail. 10 out of 10 will hire again."
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Our Advertising Agency in Ozona, FL

When looking at it on the map, Ozona is a small area on Florida’s west-central coast. It is in the northern unincorporated area of Pinellas County and serves as home to about 775 households.

What is so fascinating about Ozona, Florida?

The village is a perfect blend of work and play, which is why many people are happy to call it their home. The community features beach shacks sitting next to multi-million-dollar homes. It is dotted with dessert shops and some of the great restaurants in the Pinellas County area.

There is more to the community than what meets the eye. Here are some key points you probably didn’t know about Ozona.

Ozona used to be a fishing and agricultural village

Ozona thrives on its service sector and professional workforce. But things haven’t always been that way. Before the 1950s, fishing and agriculture were the main economic activities in the area. The locals farmed and fished for both personal and commercial purposes. The primary agricultural produce was citrus. 

We are happy to help serve various owners and business sectors in this growing area. There are many different business types in the area that have a strong BBB rating in this area. The fact that Ozona is near Palm Harbor, FL, and other areas serves as great points.

This means that you can find businesses that, if you are looking to take advantage of warm mineral springs or visit fantastic resorts and parks, you can have the opportunity to do so.

Our team helps to focus on traffic advertising, works with various businesses that have a BBB rating, and offers our different marketing services to help you meet your company’s needs. Submit your details and find out how we can deploy our services today. If you are looking for help with your advertising, message us today.

A city at peace with nature

The streets in Ozona have flat shoulders. Some areas even have gravel or shell roads that connect single-family houses.

This allows you to reconnect with the earth and nature.

The village is spotted with numerous trees like palm, pine, cedar, and oak trees. You can find these trees along the original roads and traditional home sites. At night, you can stare at the night sky without distractions from streetlights.

Ozona is eligible for listing on the National Register of Historic Places

Pinellas County invited a consultant to take inventory of the historical structures in unincorporated North Pinellas County. This happened in 1991 and 11993. In Ozona, the consultant found 62 historically significant structures. The consultant also recommended that Ozona be listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

A visit to the community can confirm this. Many of the oldest bridges and roads in Pinellas County are in Ozona; Tampa Road originates in Ozona.

The Original Dixie Highway is located in Ozona. The tiny bridge near Homeport Marina on Orange Street used to be the primary connection between Ozona and Dunedin.

Our business understands the Ozona area and the surrounding communities in Palm Harbor FL, New Port Richey, and other areas. Our team understands that there are various advertising agencies that the local community can turn to. Still, we are pleased to be present in Ozona and provide traffic advertising to our local community.

Our business clients work with us for their media-related needs because they know we deliver and offer effective marketing in FL.

More about Ozona, FL

People flock to Florida every year in search of its renowned beaches and laid back culture. No place in Florida identifies more with this culture than the sleepy, historic seaside fishing village of Ozona, Fl.
Ozona is nestled on the Gulf of Mexico just north of Clearwater Beach and west of Tampa. The historic community dates back to the 1860’s and area is famous for the local state park: Honeymoon Island, that receives millions of visitors each year, and its selection of eclectic eateries and bars,

Ozona is the kind of place you can raise a family and a little hell… at least on the weekends. The streets are packed with golf cart enthusiasts and Brand Water proudly rides in the annual Golf Cart Christmas Parade.
The people at Brand Water are proud to call Ozona, Fl and Pinellas County home since 2015.

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