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You probably remember being a kid in the back of the car when you were forced to listen to the radio station of your parent’s choice every day. You probably already know that radio audiences are fiercely loyal, especially in Austin, TX. But do you know how to use all the benefits of the medium to maximize the impact of your campaign by talking to your prospect every single day? We do, and we can help!


Radio buying demands extensive planning and continual confirmation across the entire run. Finding the right stations and personalities is a process that takes time and requires the right experience from you or those that you hire. Luckily for you, there are no safer hands to guide you through the planning process than those from Brand Water Media.


Using software specifically designed to speak with radio stations across the United States, we can negotiate solid campaigns and track costs over multiple quarters to ensure pricing stays true and fair.


Radio production can be done by using local personalities to cut spots or by bringing in top-voice talent to create a standalone campaign. Knowing what it takes means we can help you be successful.


We spend as much time as possible making sure you get what you bought for the value promised. That’s because we know budgets have to last, and you can’t afford to get what you pay for. Who can?


Radio stations host epic events, many tied to local municipalities or large non-profit groups. Use Brand Water’s help to align yourself with the right stations and circumstances in your community. With us, you will be assured of the best possible outcome from your advertising campaigns and will be assured the right reach to your target audience.


Radio is great at driving traffic to your location or site through promotions and giveaways. At Brand Water we seek out and even initiate potential promotions that will benefit our clients and ensure their successful campaigns.

A Common Question

How Can Brand Water Help With Radio Ad Placement?

Brand Water can help your business place radio advertising in any market across the United States. We have an extensive network of vendor partners eager to help create campaigns that will produce quality conversions through appropriate frequency. Radio is frequency, and frequency is conversions.

The Brand Water Approach

The Radio Advertising Process

At Brand Water we know the people, we see the process, and we have the competence to help you manage multiple radio campaigns across numerous markets. We start by identifying your target market and then determining which stations serve it most efficiently. Then we build a quality campaign using appealing messaging and strategic frequency to draw listeners in to build a relationship.

Frequently asked questions

A lot of marketers make a fatal error when they underestimate the power of radio and the loyalty of its audience. This isn’t exactly consistent across all markets and all stations, just like anything there are exceptions. Knowing which radio stations and which radio personalities connect with their markets means maximizing the impact of your campaign.

There are many successful businesses in many markets that have only advertised using radio. Many of these are the types of advertisers that need to speak to their audience every single day, even every single hour. But most of the campaigns we’ve been a part of that have been truly successful have used radio in at least some some capacity in their media mix, though not often as the only avenue. 

Is that a real question? We suggest you look at a new line of work friend, because you seem stressed.
There are loyal listeners across all day parts, but you don’t need to speak to all of them. Knowing who’s listening where and when is 90% of the equatiion.

Any marketer that only invests in media platforms that they themselves engage makes a huge error in judgement. You should never count anything out, wether it’s Radio, a spot in the Super Bowl or a billboard above the men’s urinals in the airport… it all has benefit if done properly.  Advertising is everywhere because it can work anywhere.

All markets are different, but there’s one universal rule when it comes to radio stations. If they’re playing Taylor Swift then they’re going to be bringing a big audience. Now that we’ve gotten our allegiance for Tswizzle out in the open, we’ll say that format doesn’t matter because the numbers never lie. And the answer to your question is the same in every market; Where are the numbers? Wherever they are, that’s where we wanna be.

The amount of money you will pay every time you advertise your business on the radio depends on several factors such as:

· The time of the year

· Ratings of the radio station

· The popularity of the radio station

·Size of the total radio advertising buy

With these factors taken into account, you could pay as little as $25 per airing in off-peak hours or as much as $125 per airing in peak hours. Radio advertising also costs between $500 and $5,000 per week, so if you are looking to advertise your business a few times a week, you can expect to cough up a few hundred or thousand dollars.

If you want to advertise your business without breaking the bank, look no further than Brand Water Media. We can help you develop a concept that sets you apart from your competitors and captures the attention of your target audience. Our team has written and produced hundreds of commercials over the years for our clients. We can help you advertise your services or products in a more impactful, efficient, and organized way.   

Radio advertising involves buying commercials to promote your services or products to existing and potential customers. To get into radio advertising, you need to pay a commercial radio station for airtime, and, in turn, the radio station will air your commercial to its listening audience.

When it comes to creating a radio ad, you will need a professional to help create the ad for you. This can be done by having the radio station create the ad for you or utilizing an advertising agency to make the ad for you. These options require the same steps; however, the cost and process will vary.

Make your ideas known to the team to see the ad you are looking to present to listeners. If the radio station creates the advertisement for you, it may be slightly cheaper; however, you need to make sure that you are allowed to use your ad on other stations. The ad creator at a radio station has rights to the ad; therefore, you more than likely will not be able to use it on other stations.

If a professional company like Brand Water Media creates a radio advertisement for you, it will cost a bit more, but you will achieve the best results. We provide content in real-time that addresses the issues impacting listeners in Austin, Texas.

Our connection to local communities across Austin gives us a high level of influence and gives you a unique advantage compared to other available advertising options. We seek out promotions that will benefit our clients and create campaigns with messaging for your loyal audience. Feel free to contact us via phone at 512-689-0946.

Radio advertising costs in Austin, Texas range between $3,000 and $5,000 per month. Radio advertising costs are influenced by several factors such as the radio station, the location in which you stay, the time of day your radio ad airs, and the length of the radio commercial.  

For example, a sixty-second radio ad will cost more than a thirty-second radio ad; and a radio commercial played in the wee hours of the night will cost less than a radio commercial aired during prime time hours.

Additionally, radio ads in more populated markets, like Houston, Texas, will cost more than radio ads in rural Texas; and a more popular radio station will cost more because of the higher audience rate.

At Brand Water Media, we have a team of specialists who have created countless radio advertising campaigns in Austin, Texas, and we would be glad to help you advertise with radio stations that reach your target customers best.

Not only will we help you determine what radio advertising in Austin, Texas, will cost, but we will also help you determine how many times your message should air so that you can effectively reach your listeners.

We can also help you create a unique premium radio ad to air in Austin. Our team will help you draft a captivating script and include sound effects, music, and a professional voice-over. Contact us today. We work with you to ensure that your radio advertising campaign is an instant hit.

Radio advertising is worth it. Here’s how:

·  Radio Advertising is Affordable: Radio advertising is cheaper than television and print ads, but it reaches many people. Because repetition is vitally important in radio advertising, the low costs allow you to run several ads a day, yielding better results.

· You Can Target Radio Advertising: Radio advertising allows you to tailor and localize your message to your exact target market. You can target your message to specific communities, demographics, and geographical areas.

· Radio Stations Operate Different Unique Formats: When you resort to radio advertising, you get to advertise on different radio stations and access unique formats, which, when combined, reach millions of listeners each week.  

· Radio Advertising Caters to Clients from Different Industries: Whether you are in the automotive, manufacturing, retail, or entertainment industry, you can never go wrong with radio advertising because it caters to clients of all sizes across various industries.

Brand Water Media can help you place radio advertising in any market in Austin, TX. We can help you identify the best type of radio advert that will produce quality conversions and build a quality campaign that will effectively draw your target audience. Get in touch with us via phone at 512-689-0946 or contact us directly by completing the form on our site.

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You can rest easy knowing that your advert will be aired on stations with the largest combined radio audience in Austin, TX, when you partner with us. We will also ensure that local personalities deliver your content allowing your audience to connect with your brand deeper.

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