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If you are a big enough brand, or even a small one looking to expand, TV is or will become a vital addition to your media mix at some point or another. Whether you have been buying Broadcast Television for years or are just about to get your feet wet, Brand Water Media can help guide you through the parts of the process that can be overwhelming and steer you more closely to total efficiency.


Whether you are running your first campaign or your 101st, we outline your target, build a custom audience, strategize outlets and maximize the impact of your buy. Planning is crucial for any endeavor, and at Brand Water Media, it is our mission to ensure you get the best possible outcome and value for your money.


Every business has a story, and, at Brand Water, we are expert storytellers. From start to finish, concept to completion, we will take your vision and make it a reality.


From start to finish, concept to completion, we will take your vision and make it a reality. We leverage our relationships to negotiate and secure the most efficient rates. Our expertise and experience make us the go-to negotiators in the TV advertisement world. Our goal is to make our clients achieve their goals while getting the best services and minimizing costs where possible.


We maximize the impact of your buy and ensure performance. Many people make the mistake of going it alone while still green. The tendency is eliminated when we get involved since you get experienced buyers at your side, and because of our knowledge of the pros and cons, you are guaranteed to come out on top.


Running commercials, launching campaigns are all essential elements to marketing. But none of them mean anything without proper measurement, attribution, and delivery analysis. We do not allow any vendor to under-deliver. We get every point owed to our clients using the many tools and assets at our disposal. If you are running campaigns currently without posting at 100%, you are throwing money down the drain.


Running television commercials, radio commercials, and digital campaigns are essential marketing elements. But none of them mean anything without proper measurement, optimization, attribution, and delivery analysis. At Brand Water, we have all of the latest tools and Nielsen™ measurement data at our disposal. This means we give our clients what they paid for, and then some. We do not allow any vendor to under-deliver. We get every point owed to our clients using the many tools and assets at our disposal. If you are running campaigns currently without posting at 100%, you are throwing money down the drain. The team at Brand water continuously monitors the advertisement and other buys to measure its impact and ensure value for money is attained.

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How can Brand Water help with TV ad placement?

The Brand Water Approach

The TV Media Buying Process

At Brand Water, our media buyers survey the entire landscape, pinpointing growth, opportunity, and engagement across all platforms and compiling that data into clear and actionable plans.

With advanced technology and software, we can get information from any media vendor (TV, Radio, or any of the array of Digital options out there) in any market in minutes. By studying the numbers, past and projected future, we can consistently collaborate with vendors and build reliable and resilient campaigns that are cost-efficient and effective overall.

At Brand Water, we have the tools to focus on the numbers and the costs per impression. The ability to customize your audience and determine who interacts with what message and when. If you’re selling a product or service, the first step is finding out who you need to talk to and where they are most accessible and through which channels. This is the stuff that gets us excited, and we’d love to talk to you about it any time.

TV Advertising In Austin, TX

Over the past 2 years more people have been glued to their televisions for entertainment and the latest news on the pandemic, making television an invaluable tool for advertising.

Generally, TV advertising yields better results than other platforms; however, the increase in television viewership can give your brand more exposure and help you reach your target audience more effectively.

If you have a TV ad and want to maximize its impact, Brand Water Media can help. We are TV advertising experts who can help you plan and buy channels, as well as ad slots to meet your advertising goals. We are ready to create a TV commercial for you to help you outpace your competitors. Contact us today.

Frequently asked questions

TV, just like all forms of media, is changing. And with that change comes opportunity. The way TV is measured in markets across the US is generally a lot more accurate now than it was in the old days. TV stations have to accept that they are facing increased competition for their audiences and their rates must reflect that.

Believe it or not, TV audiences aren’t all shrinking. Some areas are actually growing. In a lot of markets it’s products like YouTube TV and Hulu Live that are bringing Broadcast into people’s homes in a new way.  The reality is audiences aren’t growing everywhere on every channel. Broadcast advertising is changing and effective advertisers embrace and grow in the new media landscape. Part of being successful is knowing where the ratings are and how to keep costs low.

OTT, or Over The Top, is here to stay but we see it as more of an extension of your linear campaign and a way to insure that certain segments of your target market are accounted for on the back end. The targeting is undeniably useful, but the appeal of broadcast is still there.

Cable audiences are definitely not what they were back in the day. That being said, every market is different. Just look at the main markets across the southeast US and you’ll see some with more than 60% cable penetration and others with less than 30%. Every market is different and cable can be an asset when priced accordingly.

Well, it’s different in any and every market. But if for instance you’re looking for a target market that can purchase luxury goods you can never go wrong with “CBS Sunday Morning.”

If you are looking to advertise your products or services on television, the amount of money you will spend will be determined by the following factors:

·  TV stations ratings

·  Size of the television audience

· Length of your TV commercial

·  The television shows and/or time periods where your ad will air

·   The demand there is to be in a selected time slot

The amount of money you will spend on a TV ad in Austin, Texas, depends on these factors.

Brand Water Media will help you determine which television stations in Austin, Texas, will effectively reach your target audience. We will then help you develop a strategy that uses your uniquely created TV commercial to reach that audience. Not only that, we will help you determine the cost of TV advertising in Austin, Texas, how many times your TV commercial should air, and which TV stations will reach your target customers. We will work with your budget to ensure you get the best television ad for your TV advertising campaign. Feel free to contact us today.

To get television ads, you can purchase the ads from local advertisers, your local cable provider, or your local broadcast station, or you can work with an agency, which will purchase the ads for you. If you have decided where you want to advertise, you can get in touch with local advertisers, your local cable provider, or your local TV station directly. They will refer you to an account executive to help you navigate the media buy process.

When you work with an advertising agency like Brand Water Media, you get to work with media buyers who have an extensive network of TV contacts. We negotiate the best deals for our clients and create campaigns that will help you reach your advertising goals.

If you are interested in doing television advertising in Austin, Texas, below is everything you need to know about the costs:

Producing A TV Commercial In Austin

The average cost of producing a TV commercial can weigh heavily on any business. Still, advertising in Austin is possible for small businesses and simple to do. A thirty-second commercial cost can vary based on the elements put into the ad. So, if you have a tight marketing budget, you can still get started on your advertising campaign, but you need to have a professional walk you through the costs before production.

Cable Advertising

Cable advertising can help you get around the high cost of TV commercials. It can be geographically targeted, which means that you can choose a local advertiser that fits your budget.

With the exception of digital marketing, Cable advertising makes it a bit easier for you to reach your target customers as you can target specific zones. Cable television offers specialized channels, making it easy to focus your advertising efforts.

Local Advertising

 If you own a small business in Austin, Texas, we have great news for you. Local advertising is affordable, especially when compared to national advertising.

Daytime television and local news programming from 9:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. are the best slots to air advertisements and more often than not, have the least expensive rates. Late-night TV from 10:30 p.m. to 12:00 a.m. is also an attractive time slot for a smaller budget, especially if your target audience is adults. If you are a home service provider, you need to consider morning news programs from 5am-9am.

Brand Water Media can help you create a high-quality TV commercial without you having to drain your bank account. Our TV commercial production team can help you start your TV advertising campaign by creating TV ads that accurately portray your message. We work with a wide range of budgets and take on project sizes ranging from small to major. We will go to great lengths to make your advertising campaign successful and give you a competitive edge over your competition.  Partner with us today.

Contact Brand Water Media For The Best TV Commercial Production

Brand Water Media is an advertising company that creates TV commercials that brands love. We work with brands of all sizes in the Austin area and develop campaigns that achieve desired results, such as increased sales, increased brand awareness, or improved communication within specific markets.

We will work with you from the first draft to post-production, ensuring that you get the TV ad you want for your campaign. We also monitor industry trends to ensure that your ad gets as much recognition as possible.

Call us today at 512-689-0946 or email us at CJ@BRANDWATERMEDIA.COM. We produce commercials that will help you launch and grow your brand.

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