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What is a Digital Marketing Strategy?

The digital space is constantly growing, with more and more people joining every day and more and more businesses taking advantage of this virtual world. This growth in globalization has created a global village and a global marketplace for businesses to increase brand awareness. Enterprises promote their products and services through different digital marketing efforts to achieve strategic goals.

These platforms can be accessed from desktop computers, mobile apps, and other digital media where most people regardless of age, spend their days today. Also referred to as online marketing, digital marketing campaigns can take many forms, such as paid search engines marketing, email marketing, paid advertisements, online videos, and social media ads. These forms convey promotional messages sent by digital marketers to reach and connect to the existing and potential customers available online.

Digital campaigns revolutionized traditional media such as magazine ads and billboards through email marketing, social media texts, and multimedia messages as marketing channels. Businesses use social media platforms as a digital marketing plan to reach existing and new customers while achieving business goals.

What are the examples of digital marketing?

Here are a few examples of marketing tools used to interact with various marketing channels.

Search engine optimization:

SEO is the process of upgrading and improving your owned media to make it the priority and increase visibility when people search for products and services related to your business practice field. The more people see your site in search engine results, the better you can attract attention and traffic to your business for potential and existing customers.

Different contributing factors are required when optimizing a web page to achieve the highest possible ranking on online channels. They include content quality, Mobile-friendliness, Number of quality inbound links, and Level of user engagement.

It is impossible to make consistent and exact rankings predictions because Google makes constant changes to its algorithm. Always make sure that you monitor your site’s performance and make adjustments where necessary to stay updated.

Pay per clicks ads:

PPC is a digital marketing strategy that uses ad placements on social media channels when a search engine result page receives inputs for words related to your business. When the ad is clicked, you get paid. Each ad is prioritized based on some factors, which include

· Ad quality

· Keyword relevance

· Quality of the landing page

·Bidding amount

Pre-roll video:

Pre-roll ads are short, roughly 5-30 seconds, and the most common form of video advertisement digital strategy. With this marketing strategy, videos play before the user’s content of choice. Promotional videos’ digital content can either be mid-roll or post-roll ads. Pre-roll video ads introduce your business to first-time customers while reminding regular customers of your products and services.

A pre-roll video has to be interactive and creative to attract the attention and imagination of the target market. Studies have shown that when the viewer sees the ad, even a few seconds increases brand awareness. You can find pre-roll videos on digital marketing channels such as social media posts, YouTube, Google, and Bing featuring both products and services.

CTV and OTT:

Television viewership has changed from classic cable tv to connected tv and over-the-top outlets, which have revolutionized digital marketing tactics. A connected tv (CTV) is a device that connects to a television to support video content streaming. There are different types of CTV, including PlayStation, Xbox, Apple tv, and more.

On the other hand, over the top (OTT) can be defined as delivering television or video content straight from the internet. It does not require a cable or satellite provider subscription to access this content. Devices that can watch this type of content include laptops, phones, tablets, smart tv and many more. The benefit of OTT and CTV digital advertising is that you can reach viewers beyond the reach of traditional cable tv. Get to engage a specific audience at the right time.

Social media marketing strategy:

Look for experienced influencer marketing professionals who can drive successful content marketing engagements and sales so that you can achieve more in less time. Ensure you choose a team that can create buyer personas and craft effective social media marketing strategies behind the scenes to help you achieve your business objectives. Content marketing tactics must be engaging and exciting to drive organic traffic from digital channels to your business website.


This digital marketing technology creates virtual boundaries where software activates responses to devices entering or leaving a specific area. Geofencing is a location-based digital marketing campaign used to trigger configured advertisements through marketing automation when people are around the places of interest. Relevant advertisements are delivered to prospective customers within the geographical boundary.

How to create a digital marketing strategy?

As more people spend a significant amount of time online, digital marketing strategies budget for companies shift towards digital platforms. Here are ways that you can create a solid digital marketing strategy framework

1. Explore the landscape and analyze your results

2. Map out your strategy

3. Define your target audience

4. Build your content strategy

5. Choose your channels and tactics

6. Set key performance indicators

7. Execute with best practices

8. Use Google analytics real data to analyze customer journeys and adjust for continuous improvement.

What advantages does a digital marketing strategy afford your business?

The main advantage is that a target audience is reached cost-effectively and measurably. Other benefits include

· Brand awareness and customer loyalty while driving online sales.

·Customers are engaged at every buying stage

·Generation of consistent leads

·Better conversion rates and optimization.

It is no secret that those who refuse to take advantage of the digital world and evolve with it, particularly business-wise will over time become extinct or get surpassed by many startups. A digital strategy regardless of your size, as a firm, gives you a competing chance.

A soft drinks startup, for instance, could easily start competing with the big companies simply by having a great marketing strategy. Therefore, seeking the services of proven experts to give you that edge is a no-brainer. Contact us today and let your digital marketing journey start on a high.

Let Brand Water Media handle your digital marketing strategy

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We bring focus, carefully crafting effective digital strategies to be executed across multiple channels helping businesses drive sales and achieve their marketing objectives. Whether it’s running a digital campaign as part of reputation management or increasing your digital marketing performance, we’ve got your back. Call 512-689-0946 and present your online marketing needs to a local performance marketing agency.

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